Caroline Lucas

About me

Aged 17, I won a Major County Award to study at St. Martins School of Art in London, graduating with honours in 1957. I worked in the Art Department at J. Walter Thompson, and then turned to illustration. However, four children and life on a small working dairy farm in North Devon stopped all that.

In 1988, I bought Welcombe Pottery (now shared with David Westcott and Alice Gare). I start by working very fast and within a few hours I have the complete animal, although initially it’s very coarse – like a rough sketch – but hopefully the stance and proportions are right. Then I spend many more hours gradually refining, cutting bits out and adding bits on, until suddenly, like magic, the animal emerges. Though similar, nothing is ever identical. 



Address: Appledore, Devon
Phone: 01237 420340