David Baker


My lamps, seats and chairs are created from a mixture of stripped hedgerow branches and ‘found’ local hardwoods, embracing the irregularity of natural shapes to create an idiosyncratic, tactile feel, with high-quality finishes and detailing, adding a contemporary edge. This is not rustic furniture!

I started my career as a graphic designer, but always ran a parallel business making things in wood – everything from picture frames to kitchens. In more recent years this changed with my involvement at the Yarner Trust in Welcombe, where teaching yurt making and rustic furniture making often required roaming wood and hedgerow to find the appropriate materials. To search out what I needed in the great outdoors was somehow very liberating and certainly great fun, and ultimately led to my current enthusiasm for working with wood ‘in the round’. Many other components come from salvaged trees.

Address: Old Pound House, Woolsery, Devon EX39 5QA
Phone: 01237 431589