Jay Luttman-Johnson

About me

My prints are my emotional response to situations, whether incidents in my own life, dreams, or well known themes such as fairytales and mythology. I used to be a farmer, have always lived in wild, remote places and am always busy which is reflected in the proliferation of animals, greenery and movement in my art.

I cut my prints on vinyl rather than traditional lino as it allows me to achieve a greater degree of delicacy and detail, and I print on a simple Victorian typography press. When dry, I hand paint each print with watercolours. Then comes the framing, which I do myself using a variety of local hardwoods. I make my 3D “buildings” from a collection of recycled materials such as copper, wood and glass., old piano’s etc. These buildings have doors and windows which house my prints.

Meeting the Yellow Badger

The Goose Chase

The Ark

The Life Horse

Red Riding Hood