About me

I live in North Devon and ventured into the area of working with glass in 2001. I create all my fused glass items and lampwork beads from my studio in Barnstaple. My initial inspiration is taken from the colours of the sea, preferring to use various shades of blue, green and azure. For kiln-fired work, I use flat sheets of Bullseye fusible glass, resulting in spectacular dishes, bowls, panels and jewellery. My fused glass jewellery includes dichroic glass which offers stunning colour, depth and irridescence. All my pieces are a result of the merging of shapes and colours, the interplay of light and shadow and the use of extreme temperatures within the kiln.

Each piece is a labour of love, taking days of inspiration and work. I personally design and fabricate each item, with the emphasis being on individuality rather than mass production.

Turquoise crackle dish

Blue House
Fish Weeds

Beach Huts & Yachts

Curved Yachts
Curved Yachts