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A bit about me

My prints are my emotional response to situations, whether incidents in my own life, dreams, or well known themes such as fairytales and mythology. I used to be a farmer, have always lived in wild, remote places and am always busy which is reflected in the proliferation of animals, greenery and movement in my art.

I cut my prints on vinyl rather than traditional lino as it allows me to achieve a greater degree of delicacy and detail, and I print on a simple Victorian typography press. When dry, I hand paint each print with watercolours. Then comes the framing, which I do myself using a variety of local hardwoods. I make my 3D “buildings” from a collection of recycled materials such as copper, wood and glass, old pianos etc. These buildings have doors and windows which house my prints.

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5 Bude Street, Appledore, North Devon, EX39 1PS

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April – October Daily 11am – 5pm.
November – DEcember Weds – Sun 11am – 4pm.
Jan – MARch Weekends only 11am – 4pm.

Please note these hours sometimes vary – please call us if you’re making a specific visit.

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