Peach and Bill Shaw

About us

Bill was an apprentice metalworker at Vosper Thorneycroft in Portsmouth prior to studying a degree in painting at West Surrey College of Art and Design, where he met Peach, who was studying glass (1986-’89).

Living and working now in Northam, North Devon, their inspiration is taken directly from their surroundings and experience. 
Mild steel is the main material employed in constructing their sculptures, using traditional metal forming techniques, with hand tools, hammers, formers, riveting, welding, hot working, etc. Polishing, heat-treatment, lacquering and galvanising are often employed for finishing pieces.

Ball of Mackerel
Crab and Bladderwrack

John Dory
Pasty Man
Thornback Ray


Address: Sausage Cottage, 32 Cross Street, Northam, Bideford, N. Devon EX39 1BS
Phone: 01237 422166  Mobile: 0776 5566 964